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Pimp dating strategy games online

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“I’m a simple man,” my father said when I inquired.

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A retired diplomat, Dad retains many of the habits of his working life: Evenings, he reads the paper, nursing for hours the drink sweating onto the side table.Erroneous assumption #1: people are searching for free word games.Erroneous assumption #2: people who like word games play them online.My parents keep their liquors under the kitchen sink with the household cleaners, probably because they are indistinguishable.My father’s highball never became mine: I came up thinking of G&Ts as bottom-shelf gin, off-brand tonic and a wedge from a lime partly mummified in the refrigerator. The child of Depression-era parents, he avoided the finer things to save for our house, for our college, for security.Our proprietary online matchmaking solution for men is the most fully featured and effective in the world. We combine the best of traditional matchmaking, date coaching, and professional services.

Our full spectrum solution takes care of all the hard work, so you’re free to enjoy the benefits; lots of dates with attractive women. We have 3 core values: cutting edge technology, white glove service quality, and James Bond level swagger.

The result is more women, more dates, and less hassle for you.

Because last years bullet-proof online dating methods, are today’s dead-end interactions.

If no one knows about your website, how do you change that?

i knew that blog technologies like Word Press are beloved of Google and other search engines, and that blog content gets indexed hungrily by search spiders. i thought that just by virtue of the fact that i had a game portal containing tons of free word games, people who were searching for free word games would naturally come across my portal.

Do you prize the grandiose epic over something simple and lean that hits its comparatively modest goals?