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Pkt weather not updating

Those who currently use the free i OS Weather app will probably go to BOM however apps such as Pocket Weather will continue to have a market while the BOM app has a limited feature set.

Its latest update rewrites the app from scratch, delivering a universal version for i Phone and i Pad users with a wealth of Australian data.Among the many fixes, we’ve redesigned the full-screen rain radar, cleaned up the card designs, touched up some of the weather icons, changed the background weather conditions to look nicer for the summer, made the weather icon bigger on i Phone 5, a heap more.(read below for the full update notes) You can grab it from the app store.If you want to find and read the original thread, where we started this.I'd say that now Bo M have released their own free app, any paid third party apps are dead, no matter how pretty they are.You’ll be responsible for managing our Twitter accounts, answering customer emails and helping out in other tasks that go with releasing and managing successful products like Pocket Casts and Pocket Weather.

This is a full time role, preferably based in Adelaide, Australia. It doesn’t seem that long ago, but back in 2008 we shipped version 1.0 of Pocket Weather.

Along with some other android users who are after the same thing, we decided to lobby the developers.

Or at very least, show them that android is growing rapidly and how many people would be interested in an android port of Pocket Weather AU.

The i Pad now supports split-screen so you can work better than ever before.

After a quick eight day wait at the hands of Apple’s review team, the best Pocket Weather we’ve shipped yet is now available for your i Phone and i Pad.

It was a different time for Shifty Jelly, just two guys working from their respective couches at night on a fun app.