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Israel's political system, based on proportional representation, allows for a multi-party system with numerous parties represented in the 120-seat Knesset.This article lists the political parties in Israel.

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What we seek to offer through these books is an actual initiation into our Cult of Qayin, for if practiced correctly and if meant to be the initiates will find their ways to the Inner Sanctum and at that point there are physical rites that can be offered to those who feel the need to join our Temple.Due to the low election threshold of 3.25% (and only 1% from 1949 until 1988), a typical Knesset includes a large number of factions represented.In the 2015 elections, for instance, 10 parties or alliances cleared the threshold, and five of them won at least 10 seats.In the first two centuries of Islamic history, sīra was more commonly known as maghāzī (literally, stories of military expeditions), which is now considered to be only a subset of sīra.Sometimes the word tradition or hadith is used instead.Israeli citizens are allowed to hold passports of other countries, but are required to use the Israeli passport when entering and leaving Israel.

This regulation was introduced officially in 2002, after having been legally contested on several occasions.

), or just Al-sīra, is the Arabic term used for the various traditional Muslim biographies of Muhammad from which, in addition to the Quran and trustable Hadiths, most historical information about his life and the early period of Islam is derived.

‎‎) comes from the verb sāra (Present tense: yasīru), which means to travel or to be on a journey.

The phrase sīrat rasūl allāh, or al-sīra al-nabawiyya, refers to the study of the life of Muhammad.

The term sīra was first linked to the biography of Muhammad by Ibn Shihab al-Zuhri, and later popularized by the work of Ibn Hisham.

and entitles the bearer to the protection of Israel's consular officials overseas.