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Pothead dating service

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While not all of them graduated or got that special piece of paper after four years known as a degree, they did dedicate time to higher learning at esteemed academic locales.Find out who went to Yale, Columbia, Harvard and more. The Oscar winner was a child star, who landed on the Hollywood map thanks to her star-making turn in ‘Taxi Driver.’ Despite the accolades and the fame, she put her career on pause to attend Yale right after high school.

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"It's the pot that opened my mind 20 years ago," he says. So you think that this legislation was written in a way to distract people? Looking at the political situation, it's self-serving for so many people, including the so-called righteous right. And then on the other side of the coin, Jimi Hendrix.Kaplan started working at the company one week after I did. Long dirty blond hair he wore in a ponytail, thick glasses that framed his deep blue eyes.Kaplan had done six years in the Air Force as a system specialist. I said, "I need something to revitalize my career," and the next thing you know, I hear the door locking behind me []. It was the first night, and they locked the door, and I'm in this little bunk bed in this little cubicle. First of all, the guards, who looked like Nazis with long overcoats, met me at the gate. I'll drive you over to the camp behind the prison," and as soon as I got in the truck he goes, "I'm your biggest fan! " And then when I got to the camp, I had a big welcoming committee. I was up at every morning and I had a nap at two in the afternoon. The feds have to reschedule it and say that it has medical value. I think one of the reasons that they want to keep it illegal is because the way it's going to reverse a lot of convictions. They convicted me of a felony for the dastardly crime of shipping a bong across a state line. Now I've become a felon and have to go get searched every time I go through the airport. All that "Cheech and Chong" stuff, that was an act. The prison was built over a toxic waste dump and when I went in there I was totally healthy and when I came out, I had prostate cancer. So what do you think is left for weed to become totally legal?"When I got high for the first time, when I was 18 years old, I got visions of how one could prosper in this world. You can smoke it, but you can't buy it and you can't sell it. I was with Jimi one night and he wouldn't smoke pot, but he would be in the bathroom for a very long time, sort of incoherent and nodding off on heroin. That's why I never went near heroin, because I've seen people like Hendrix, who was incredibly talented, cut his life short because of the stupid drug that kills you.

Everything just got so clear." Besides, Chong says, pot isn't that dangerous: "You can't OD on marijuana," he says. What's your take on the current legal-weed situation in Washington, D. And I saw what cocaine did, like to Sly and the Family Stone: I knew Sly when he was just starting out.

All of my previous selves still survive somewhere inside of me, and my previous adolescent would have loved "The Perks of Being a Wallflower." The movie has received glowing reviews, and some snarky ones that seem to have been written by previous adults.

The film is about an alienated high-school freshman who sees himself as a chronic outsider, and then is befriended by a group of older kids who embrace their non-conformist status.

I’m 32 year old African American living in Dallas Texas.

I grew up an only child, living with my grandparents in a small town called Sunset.

It offers the rare pleasure of an author directing his own book, and doing it well.