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Problems with dating a divorced woman

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Some divorcees may feel bitter or resentful, especially if it wasn’t their decision to end the marriage, and the wounds of divorce can take a long time to heal.

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So before you continue reading this article, flip over to this page, so you get the gist of why I’m writing this article.You need to decide if you are comfortable with such type of person.Forgetting the past and starting a new relationship might not be as easy for a divorcee. Whether it was a disaster of a marriage complete with thrown vases and messy legal proceedings, or an amicable ending with mutual respect and no harsh feelings—there’s going to be something in a woman that is a little lost, or disrupted after a major relationship ends.It’s natural, and it’s good to embrace those feelings.When they took their wedding vows they believed their commitment would last a lifetime.

Now, whatever the reason for divorce, one thing is true – the belief that marriage is for life has been broken.

However, when women DON’T deal with those feelings, or they push their personal growth to the backburner, they can often deal with their hurt in an unhealthy way, such as jumping into a rebound relationship.

Now, this doesn’t mean this is necessarily a bad thing.

If your fun times always revolve around the weekends, parties and usually end with her pulling you on top of her and then puking in the toilet with a hangover the next morning, then you may be the rebound.

When you really like someone, you don’t need alcohol to amp up your enthusiasm or dull your senses.

This is a lot different from overcoming your history of break-ups.