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Pros and cons of dating a pothead

The romantic comedy he just wrapped with Cameron Diaz and the one he's doing with the brothers Duplass, of mumblecore microfame.And the script he's fine-tuning for a new and, he hopes, franchise-rebooting Muppet movie.

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Regardless of your position on the sticky topic, global leaders have watched these pro-pot states germinate the seeds of legalization and have put the world’s population on notice – marijuana prohibition has been a costly failure.(Mostly Muppets, actually)One night not long ago, Jason Segel walked out of a restaurant on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles and saw a kid on the sidewalk, maybe 17, struggling to light what appeared to be a half-smoked cigarette.Segel, a smoker himself and a friend to fiends in need—"There's not too many of us left," he points out—proffered a fresh one from his own pack.Some tend to assume that marijuana first appeared on the scene in the 1960's.However, history tells us that the medicinal properties of cannabis have been recognized for centuries.While this first-hand testimony that comes from real patients is usually the type of evidence that scientific purists disparage as "anecdotal," it is, in my opinion, the type of real-life experiential information that we should trust at least as much as the abstract statistical analyses of scientific studies.

The medicinal use of marijuana is well known to be of benefit in the treatment of nausea and other side effects from chemotherapy.

Really, you just have to date someone who isn’t like my mom—someone who won’t look over their glasses with judge-y eyes when they know you’ve had a nice session before dinner. Are you at work having to look like a person who does not love THC-laced brownies? I’ve found the following trick to be useful and have even used it at the grocery store and on the train.

On another note, while I don’t necessarily suggest that you restrict your dating pool to fellow bong-toting cannabis cuties, it would be pretty cool if stoners procreated en masse and the world became populated with friendly pot-fiends. I take a token item out of my bag (papers work well for this) and I either pretend I’m looking for something in my bag and quickly set them on top of it or I clumsily drop them on the ground and walk away.

The kid looked up, face full of withering 17-year-old pity, and said, "This is a —that was the worst part, Segel says, laughing about it a few weeks later while seated outside the same restaurant.

You can build a career playing, and writing about, guys blithely enjoying protracted young-dudehoods, clinging to their puppets ("I miss smoking a ton of pot," Segel says, genuinely wistful. I've got too much work." There's his role as TV's most realistic contentedly hitched goofball on movie he's finishing up with Jack Black.

He's graduated from high school sitcoms to the Hollywood A-list and a role as a 3-D supervillain in ' Despicable Me,' but the resolutely down-to-earth Jason Segel remains both freak and geek.