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Ps1 dating sim

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Example: To search for Pac-Man in MAME ROMs type in "pac-man", choose "ROMs/ISOs/Games" as your Section and "M. Possibly, what I am going to ask will be a super long stretch, but, I was thinking of contacting some company/companies on it, preferably ones who might still be around, that have done console dating sim translations, and see if even a low amount of copies of this game localized, would come out, but, who would be best to contact on this? The only company I could think of would be Atlus, what with their liking of localizing Japanese styled games, and Persona is practically a dating sim itself. hay this is the same as my outher topic but i am also looking for a ps1 gameboy or a ds dating sim i forgot to put this is my outher one so can somewon help me out or do they not have any for theys platforms Very, very few visual novels come to NA. You need to compromise a bit if you want anything in life.So I think doing research yourself on what visual novels are on the PSP - and see if there is a downloadable english patch for it.I love stories that look very heavy and that could catch me in, and this one could possibly do it....I want to step up and TRY to see what could happen.

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Sure, while some might see these games "Pathetic" and others might say "Go out and get a girlfriend/boyfriend", does anyone here actually play them for the story, and NOT the "Relationship/intercourse" reasoning? Most of the stories in dating sims, honestly, blow all the stories in other games out of the water, not to mention, you can choose your destiny in them too.

With this, I just want to say, though I know it will never happen, is that I would love, to see this "White Album" game localized, even just in English text and Japanese voice overs (Could add English too, but atleast something to make it playable AND understandable to the English audience).

I downloaded a PV for a game, called "White Album" on the JP store last night, and my God, did it look appealing.

The animations were bright, fluid, and the story looked very, very emotional.

That's why it's very hard to sort out and explain to other people how different they are.