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Pua online dating tips

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It’s an impossible condition, and a lot of men suffer from the illusion that the problem is not having enough information or knowledge.

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How long you should wait depends on the vibe, the type of girl and other variables such as availability. I've been using dating sites and personals for two years.My success with women while on dates has been nonexistent, but this I blame on my AFC ways which I am now changing. Some have even written into me saying that they're not looking for a relationship at all (They are) but read my profile, and wanted to tell me how wonderful it was and how they wish me the best of luck.But on my journey to becoming a Master PUA, I put online game on hold.Going out in the field is what we do, that is our playground.The difference between me and most people using these venues is that . Last month I went three dates with girls that contacted ME.

One drove out from Tampa to see me, half a state away.

There’s “book knowing” and then there is “whole-being knowing”.

To get a sense of the difference, who would you rather learn driving from: A guy who’s memorized a bunch of books about driving or a Formula 1 race car driver? When you get down to it, game with women comes down to two simple things: your balls your strategy.

It wasn’t until Style asked me to teach my Online Game 1.0 at a conference with hundreds of people attending that I decided I needed to backwards engineer this aspect of my game.

After the conference I had students coming up to me saying it was the best online game program they have ever seen.

Style even said it was the best presentation he has seen at ANY PUA event.