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Rachael ray updating your underwear

Choosing the right underwear could make or break an outfit, so fashion pro Gretta Monahan breaks down bottoms into five basic butt shapes, and explains how to dress for yours!

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Actor Ted Danson hits the kitchen table, talking about his show “The Good Place” and why going to bartending school for “Cheers” didn’t work out the way he hoped.Put a smile on their face with a thoughtful and useful gift from Belk.Ellen Dolgen is a Health and Wellness Advocate, Menopause Awareness Expert, Author, Speaker, and Health Blogger.You’re Rachael Ray’s warm-up comedian, you’re not hosting The Tonight Show, dude—and really, even if you were, that’s not an excuse to be an a-hole.But Pete tells the Boston to go to hell and continues on his merry way.Then, fresh off the season finale, ‘The Americans’ star Margo Martindale is dishing on some of her favorite roles! It’s an hour full of huge giveaways and major surprises – like paying off $15,000 in debt for one couple who adopted four kids in 24 hours!

Plus, we’re whipping up skillet desserts and Rachael’s making Stuffed Peppers! Plus, we’ve got a home makeover for a deserving single mom, and we’re picking up the bill for some unsuspecting grocery shoppers!

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