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Rachel dating finn real life

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"That doesn't matter," insisted Kurt (Chris Colfer) in the episode titled "The Quarterback," which opened "three weeks to the day" after Finn's funeral."Everyone wants to talk about how he died too, but who cares? "One moment in his whole life — I care more about how he lived." While the glee club gathered at Mc Kinley High to memorialize their popular alum, one person was noticeably absent: Rachel Berry.

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Their smiles — as they both stand on the bridge — remind us of how happy they were together, even before they were officially an item.But it’s clear that Rachel will be reflecting on Finn while she’s there.Without a doubt, things have dramatically changed in Rachel’s life since Finn first texted her to meet at that bridge. "Glee" mourned the death of the beloved jock played by Cory Monteith, who died July 13, on its third episode of the season Thursday.The details of the 31-year-old actor's fatal overdose of heroin and alcohol have been reported extensively, but Finn's cause of death wasn't revealed to viewers.Her rendition of Bob Dylan's "Make You Feel My Love" resonates with genuine heartbreak."Before Cory passed away, Lea was definitely the leader on set, and so was Cory," says Jane Lynch, who plays conniving cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester. She's the reason we're back at work right now instead of taking a season off." In addition to the pressure of helping to keep the show together, Michele feels the pressure of knowing legions of grieving fans read into her every move: Is she already dating again?

Could their relationship have been a publicity stunt all along?

Cory Monteith and Lea Michele were by some superficial measures an odd couple.

He was the big-hearted Canadian, a relatively late bloomer, by Hollywood standards—she was the born-for-the-stage Jersey-girl striver.

Lea was seeing Theo Stockman of Broadway’s back then.

In fact, Lea and Cory’s real life romance wasn’t revealed until that February, though rumors first appeared in November.

Glee is an American musical comedy-drama television series airing on Fox. [Carole holds Finn's hand, Burt takes Kurt's] We are four people becoming a family. Or you could dust them off with powdered sugar and pass it off as some sort of dessert. Rachel: Being in New York is like falling in love, over and over again, every minute.