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Radcalendar selected date not updating

I put 'runat' before 'Selected Date' and that seemed to fix it.When I put 'runat' after 'Selected Date' it still worked!

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That's possibly why WPF calendar controls took so long.This default template must be structured and documented in such a way to be completely replaceable.In this way developers and designers can customize controls to give them a whole new appearance.Calendars keep our lives organized and productive; everyone uses them and increasingly so in digitally, so it’s no surprise that your mobile app may need to display a calendar and manage events.Turns out, however, calendar UI is tricky business, and the little details make all the difference.Designing a control with a replaceable template can be intimidating, as I discovered when I attempted to design a Month Calendar control for my article "Templates for Uncommon Controls" in the January 2008 issue.

You want to make the control as generalized as possible to be amenable to a variety of different appearances, yet without making the interface between the code and template inordinately complex.

A technicality because his answer is actually the only correct one because Date Time. One was available in code behind and one wasn't accessible.

I thought that the order of statements in the controls was causing the issue.

Data Bind() call (or a databind call on a parent control). Date in order for the control to actually select the date.

If you are not doing that and you absolutely do not want any codebehind on the page, then you'll have to create a usercontrol that contains a calendar control and sets its selecteddate. So the "correct" answer is Selected Date=" I too had the same problem in VWD 2010 and, by chance, I had two controls.

But porting a control to WPF isn't a simple matter of just changing property and event names.