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Robin thicke dating miley cyrus

We're told Paula knew the performance wasn't gonna be G-Rated because there were "tons of rehearsals" before the show ...

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Even the creator of the foam finger felt the need to get involved, and sternly told Miley off for ‘degrading’ the spongey American icon."It was funny, because I got so much of the heat for it, but that’s just being a woman.He acted like he didn’t know that was going to happen. You knew exactly what was going to happen." (Sources told Us Weekly at the time that Thicke was angry with Cyrus for "going too far" during the VMAs, and that he thought the "Wrecking Ball" songstress had "hijacked the performance.") According to Cyrus, Thicke, 38, was entirely cognizant of the outrageous performance beforehand, and even played a part in picking out her skimpy onstage wardrobe. 27, in which she reflected back on her memorable 2013 VMAs performance with Robin Thicke and discussed her ongoing drama with Nicki Minaj."Everything I’ve ever done has been true to me at that minute," she said of her raunchy performance with Thicke.Related: Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Are Handling Their Divorce Privately Just hours after Miley Cyrus grinded up on her husband with her giant foam finger, Paula went to her hotel room "only to find Robin in bed with two naked women." She added: After experiencing only more infidelity, including Robin throwing "a manicure and pedicure party for six naked women in our family home," Paula had enough and they agreed to split for good.

Though the two were able to easily co-parent at first, the actress eventually saw a change in the behavior in both her son and ex-husband that caused her to file for sole custody.

Plus, she already let him kick it with all those naked hot chicks in the "Blurred Lines" video ...

so you know she's got the stomach to watch her hubby in a super-sexually charged situation with another woman.

She told the New York Times: “It’s funny that I got so much heat for it, but that’s just being a woman.” If even a pop star brave enough to turn her back on her tween fan base and count heart-shaped nipple tassels among her everyday wardrobe basics accepts that being screwed over because of her gender is merely ‘part of being a women’, how much hope is there left for the rest of us?

The pay gap, sexual harassment on the tube, talking to creepy men because we’re too scared of what will happen if we walk away - is it all just ‘being a woman’?

Related: Paula's Career Taking An Interesting Turn Amid Custody Battle Aside from his casual cocaine abuse, which Robin admitted was "affecting his behavior," Paula also took issue with the singer's notorious infidelity.