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In this tutorial I’ll try to explain how publish / subscribe (pub/sub) works and how to set this up using NService Bus.Publish Subscribe pattern The pattern in itself, I think, is easiest to understand...

How they can help develop your (long running) business processes better and how to get rid of batch jobs as...I would like to add a field 'Duplicate' that says Yes or No (or 1 or 0 is fine) when the ID attribute is present elsewhere.Using the following python script in Field Calculator returns 1 for a duplicate entry and 0 for unique entry; However, the 1st record of, for example, 5 duplicate IDs will also be returned as a 0 (the subsequent 4 are considered the duplicates).If it is commonplace for multiple users to be modifying the same set of data, you should consider implementing some form of concurrency control.There are two flavors of concurrency control: optimistic and pessimistic.Binaries, such as decision tables (Excel files), should not use a Reader based resource handler, which is only suitable for text based resources.

object can resolve classes that are not in the default classpath.

In my High Availability article I mentioned business components and questions were asked in the comments, what these business components actually are.

This post is a follow up to my previous post about the autonomy of...

I'm looking for duplicate records in dbf files based upon the attribute called 'ID'.

I have various dbf files from 500,000 records to 1.5 million and I know there are a host of duplicates.

(Arc GIS version 10.1) I have seen other answers such as Python script for identifying duplicate records (follow up) but it doesn't quite work.