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Royal typewriter serial number dating

but we have some further data, more specific to US-made standard typewriters and would like to provide this data here.

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The data in the database is pretty reliable, since listings of different sources were compared and evaluated, but please don’t hold me responsible for any mistakes in old listings.For most uses we recommend Dirk Schumann's site already linked above. "M" means million; read 2178M as "2,178,000." As in most lists the actual model of the typewriters is not given - the original purpose of the list was to give a rough guide for age in order that a dealer might better gauge a trade-in value against a new machine. Underwood models are given at the top of the colums; in the case of the No. 5 (10 inch) 1,750,000 to 4,000,000A series: Model 6, all carriage widths 4,000,000 to 4,300,000B series: Model Standard, all widths 4,300,000 and up C series: Model Master 11, 12, 14 inch 4,755,000 and up Keep in mind when using these listings that they're approximate; they also can contradict each other at times.3, the carriage widths are included also at the top. Allen is former Woodstock machine; models 600 and 700 delineated as shown. Age of a typewriter is really less important than the model number or name and the model can be ascertained with certainty while the age is rarely more specific than a whole year in range.Royal typewriters were first manufactured in the early 1900s by E. Later Royal versions varied wildly in their design and, though popular, are not prized as collectibles. The initial Royal typewriter was later followed by two additional models, the Royal 5 typewriter and the Royal 10 typewriter, which are the most valuable.It is caps-only, with a san-serif italic font designed especially for this machine for maximum readability.

It's entirely possible that the Signet was Royal's answer to Remington's no-frills Remie Scout.

But when you see the number of given brand names, it’s still only a beginning.

This side was created for collectors of antique typewriters, with the help of many old documents and other collectors.

Later models of Royals changed on an almost yearly basis and there is no consistency among colors used.

Look for typewriters that have a entirely black body, with the exception of the lettering.

Identifying a Royal typewriter is not difficult, since there are several features that distinguish it from other typewriters.