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Cape Town - South African retailers Checkers, Pick n Pay and Spar are upping their game even more to lure customers - big and small - to their stores.

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I cringed as I saw the looks the thin, gorgeous dive guides flashed at each other.The Swop Shop project relies heavily on donations from the public to stock the shop and Goslett said goods such as basic toiletries, stationery, non-battery operated toys and pet food could be delivered at the Keda Office in Woodmill Lane on weekdays.Edge of Africa co-founder Dayne Davey said they were still looking for funding for three shipping containers to be used as shops but the sites had already been identified.The 29 minis were created to the specific requirements of the brands represented, so each mini is an exact replica of these brands - including All Gold Tomato Sauce, Flora Margarine and Omo Washing Powder," a Shoprite Checkers spokesperson told Fin24.The Checkers Little Shop campaign - a collaborative promotion between Checkers and some of its key suppliers launched a week ago."Checkers Little Shop is a fun way of rewarding our loyal customers as well as celebrating the brands that have become part of our everyday lives.It seeks to understand why September made the choices he did – collaborating with his captors, turning against the ANC, and then hunting down his comrades – without excusing those choices.

It looks beyond the black-and-white that still dominates South Africa’s political canvas, to examine the grey zones in which South Africans – combatants and non-combatants – lived.

On a trip, I’ll eat at the airport and on the plane, graze at the hotel mini bar, then eat a rich dinner with clients in the evening.

At home, I tend to skip breakfast and lunch, snack on Pringles, but then have a huge bowl of pasta with ricotta, olive oil and parmesan for supper.

She lives in Buckinghamshire with her partner Justin.

My job involves a lot of travelling and entertaining.

Here they open their weight-loss diaries to 47, works for an international medical company.