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Scarlet ortiz and yul burkle dating

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She and her actor fiancé, Yul Burkle, welcomed a daughter named Barbara in 2010.She and Gaby Espino both became known for their roles in Venezuelan soap operas.

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Scarlet Ortiz, Jorge Aravena and Yul Burkle did a good job in this novela, the theme song is catchy and is performed by Joan Sebastian(Joan Sebastian co-starred with Maribel Guadia en "Tu y Yo" in 1996). Hello, this cast was one of my best that I have ever watched. In fact the name "Camila" has replaced her name in the house due to a previous movie performed by her. Maria Clara is a very nice woman, honest but everybody always takes advantage of her! Let's Carlos Raul and Maria Clara be together again with Teresita.and on March 9, 2010 she gave birth to a baby girl in Mount Sinai Hospital in Miami and named her Barbara Briana.Her chosen godparents will be the actress Gaby Espino and the telenovela writer Alberto Gomez.He is engaged to actress Scarlet Ortiz,a fellow Venezuelan actress with whom they met on the set of the RCTV telenovela Mis 3 hermanas.HI Scarlet it was a while since i watch your movie until alma the untamed came along.i am very content with your movies and your name and will want to name my first daughter by that.tanx and god bless you Hey scarlet am ua biggest n must confess felt bad wen dey anaouced u dead since den neva followed doz opera soaps bt thank God ua alive n kicking wsh u all da bst n lookin foward 2 see all ua new ESCARLET RES UNA DE LAS ACTRICES MAS BELLAS K HE VISTO Y K MEJOR TRABAJA ME ENCANTA VERTE EN NOVELA TRABAJAS MUY BIEN TIENES MUCHO TALENTO TODO LO K HACES TE LUCE ME GUSTARIA CONOCERTE TE MANDO UN SALUDO MUY ESPECIAL BAYhi scarlet ,i just want to say that i have been waiting for a long time to say thank u for being agood actress remember this movie of camila,its the best,so pliz just keep on doing what ur doing or and nice pics MAY GOD KEEP U HAPPY .

(Scarlet Alejandra Yocasta) (Rubrik, Francisco Ernesto Francisco Jose').

I'd want to make a special request if I could get a freed DVD for this cast. I will be happy and smile again On the positive side it had some good performances by Aura Cristina Geithner as Barbara and Astrid Gruber as Vilma and also featured Carla Ortiz as the beautiful Andrea.

This telenova though sometimes brings with it a lot of pain especially when scarlet is so frequently accused of what she hasn't done and when Lesandro is saddened by the fact that he might not end up marrying Scarlet.

She attended her teen age in her home town that was Caracus destination of Venezuela.

Awesome Career in Entertainment World: Before she would begin her career as an actress she started working on a particular stage which was for children in order to improve their skills.

Their work has not gotten in the way of their relationship as they are a true team.