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The 2017 annual meeting of the Centre for Digital Heritage will explore these means and their applications to heritage under threat, taking into account that digital data and tools themselves may become part of our (endangered) heritage.

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Instead we facilitate that they can volunteer on the moments that fit their planning.From headline mashups delivered karaoke style to social media, hashtags, body manipulation and identity development.There will also be sports reporting from the streets of Milan where the Olympic Games of design will be underway.The Digital Archaeology Research Group and the Centre for Global Heritage and Development at the Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University will jointly host the 2017 annual meeting of the Centre for Digital Heritage (CDH).The theme of the CDH 2017 meeting will be ‘Heritage under Threat’.Because of this, our office is also capable of doing sustainability quick scans for existing real estate and of advising clients about sustainable and durable measures.

We are proud of the fact that our clients identify themselves with our architecture and methods.

Apart from such obvious threats in conflict zones, heritage elsewhere is often threatened by neglect, decay, or a lack of stakeholder involvement, education, or technical and financial means.

Digital technologies provide manifold means for heritage recording, monitoring, analysis and visualisation, as well as for dissemination, education and community involvement.

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Used books are given a second chance, sold in the store for next to nothing, and 90% of the income is donated to charity.

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