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Self updating software

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the crucial user contact update in active directory.

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Administrator can ensure equality of the information with use of pre-defined values for the attributes.On the Mac, every non-Apple program that uses Sparkle in my book is an instant win.For Windows developers, this has already been discussed at length.They then download and intall the update as per your chosen method of update.It is pretty standard practice now for desktop applications to be self-updating.Therefore, you need a huge amount of Unit Testing and you need to know where your inter-module dependencies are. Create a webbrowser control that links to the page relating to the version your user is using.

And once you introduce dependencies, how do you make sure you get the right batch in the right order? The page on the webserver tells the user the status etc and gives them the option to download.

That is, if I find a bug and fix it, I want the application to be able to go online (by itself or on user command) and download a new version. 2) Regarding the auto update itself, the program would receive a link like in the previous example (or it could be stored in the program itself) and then somehow it would fetch the new version.3) Now how could the program use the updated version to update itself?

Should I create an installer app that would close the PROGRAM and unpack the new files to the PROGRAM directory ? Also, which security issues should I be aware in this kind of thing? The format you are using is the HL7 data format standard used for sharing data in the medical industry.

The security is a key part but can be solved relatively easily via a secure connection (ssl) and validating the downloads (a hash like md5), but the bigger problem is compatibility.

You need to be able to have the system test itself before and after the update and then determine what to do if there are errors. Create a directory on your webserver containing pages for each version of your program.

End user self update of own information benefits doubly, the organization and user; helpful when in time of emergency and in need of information and avoids compromising situations due to lack of information.