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Serveraid 6i updating battery fw

I create a Ghost image of the partition - not the entire disk, since I am using this image for serveral models (x342, x360, x232)On the new machine, I boot with the Server Guide CD and wipe the drives clean and re-initialize the array.I create a RAID1 set for the OS and RAID 5 the rest of the drives (I have tried different combinations of RAID1 & RAID5 to see if this may have been the problem).

serveraid 6i updating battery fw-71

The IBM partition is created and I continue through the Server Guide version of the Win2k installation (which is bad by the way...) NOTE: I also used Update Xpress CD v1.04 to update my firmware.It is quick guide that shows photos, key features, visual identifiers, and tables listing server compatibility and feature comparisons.This archive document is a partner to the Serve RAID Quick Reference that lists all current Serve RAID controllers.That proves the motherboard is working in general, but slot 2 may not be working.If these "simple" things don't work, it might be time to try to flash any firmware/BIOS for the server, then put the controller back in and try to flash the firmware on it.Last week, Lenovo announced new server options: processors, memory, network adapters, NVMe SSDs, flash storage adapters, and more.

Read the Lenovo Press article that explains what was announced with pointers to the new and updated Lenovo Press documents.

Specs: Serve Raid 6i Raid Controller w Battery PN: 90P5225The 90P5225 has been fully refurbished by is an independent reseller unassociated with product manufacturers or license holders.

As there are many drivers having the same name, we suggest you to try the Driver Tool, otherwise you can try one by on the list of available driver below.

I then create the system partition and exit Server Guide. The only machines I have an issue with are the 342's.

I boot from a network diskette and map a drive to the share with my image. Ghost just hangs the machine when I select a drive... I am booting from a floppy and trying to ghost 1 partition into an immage on another partition.

It's all coming back now - that it's not a stand-alone raid controller.