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But he added: ‘The cattle broke past us, which is why there was nobody in front.

My mother, who was standing perfectly still, screamed.Bluebell Farm Caravan Park is in the centre of Belford, within walking distance of shops and pubs.It is ideally located for exploring Nothumberland’s Heritage Coast, the Cheviot Hills and the historic Scottish Borders.They were enjoying a walk in the Cheviot Hills on April 3 – the first day of their stay – and were returning on a public bridleway a few hundred yards from the cottage when they saw up to 20 cows with calves running towards them.Her daughter said: ‘The cows were on her in a flash.When these were full others would sleep on the floor in rows.

The Town Clerk added ‘nothing but an actual visit can convey anything like a just impression of the state of the atmosphere…

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Rawlinson described the collier’s cottages of the area, where a flagstoned 14ft square room served as living room and bedroom for a large family, with a small bedroom in the roof space ‘open to the slates’.

Other houses like the above in Morpeth, had a 16ft by 15ft bedroom in which 8 people slept. He quotes the Town Clerk’s account of them, where beds were occupied by ‘as many as can possibly lie upon them’.

The family shouted at the herd, which parted, and they were able to get into the field and attend to Mrs Clode, who was unconscious.