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Of course you're going to have problems when you buy a ranch and house nearly next to the checkpoint. It's being used as a prop to sensationalize the illegal immigrant issue and scare weak minded people and our town. Could this be part of his reasoning for fighting this cause...

Someone travels for miles in the searing heat and at some point after 30 or 40 miles the only thing on that persons mind is "sex"? If any entry on this list has a fighter's chance of leapfrogging Jimmy John's, it's Jersey Mike's. Number of ;ocations: 500 locations in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina Why it made the list: How do you describe Sheetz to the uninitiated? But as the founding members of the Sheetz family would put it: they want their loved franchise to be a restaurant that also to be a gas station, and not the other way around.And its sandwiches represent the core chunk of food offerings.She was told it wasn’t right to choose abortion—you’re not thinking about this clearly, they said, you need to wait.Gonzales was then given a Bible and told her religion should and would play a major part in her decision. It’s like they weren’t listening to me at all,” she recalled later in an interview with the . She's taking the word of some white rancher who came out on the news making outrageous claims.

"" stupidity or what "" That's all you have to say?

So when her pregnancy test came back positive, Gonzales felt alone, isolated, scared.

She confided in a friend, who referred her to the Brazos Valley Coalition for Life Pregnancy Center in Bryan, TX.

“They gave me false information, they didn’t respect my opinion of what I wanted to do, they didn’t think I had the self-determination to make this choice for myself,” said Gonzales.

When she told the counselors she was considering abortion, “They really tried to appeal to me emotionally, religiously, with anything they could to convince me that I was making the wrong decision” The pressure didn’t stop there.

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