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If you’ve never heard of zines, this is a good definition to start with, but it doesn’t really capture the wild world that’s out there.In many ways, zines are natural additions to an archive — personal, of the moment, and unique.

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This week, the highlights focus on the community: businesses, churches and other organizations, and community life.Convincing participants to deceive remains one of the biggest and most important challenges of laboratory-based deception research.The simplest and most prevalent method involves explicitly instructing participants to lie or tell the truth before presenting each task item.The dates are predictable and represent well-known categories (i.e., atheist or conservative).In one condition participants rely on explicit instructions preceding each question (external cue).King met her husband while in college, and their participation escalated until they became central to the movement.

In her early life, Coretta was an accomplished singer, and she often incorporated music into her civil rights work.

You’ll also hear people’s thoughts about themselves and society, and the messy intersections in between, like race and ethnicity, religion and spirituality, and gender and sexuality.

What’s fascinating about these zines is how they are often both highly personal and highly political — and most of them very much a product of the South.

King played a prominent role in the years after her husband's 1968 assassination when she took on the leadership of the struggle for racial equality herself and became active in the Women's Movement. Kennedy's phone call to her during the 1960 election was what she liked to believe was behind his victory.

King founded the King Center and sought to make his birthday a national holiday. In August 2005, King suffered a stroke which paralyzed her right side and left her unable to speak; five months later she died of respiratory failure due to complications from ovarian cancer.

In order to test the hypothesis, we have developed Speed-Dating Task (SDT), which is based on a real-life social event.