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Community food drives provide four percent of our food supply as well.The new owners took over a year ago and are adding a flavor all their own.

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Bath Community Hospital is a not-for-profit, critical access hospital commited to providing high-quality, mission driven health care.They provide twenty-four hour emergency services, as well as select range of diagnostic services, rehabilitative services and specialty clinics. Founded in 1981, the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank is the largest organization alleviating hunger in Western and Central Virginia.In all, we serve 25 counties and 9 cities on either side of the Blue Ridge through distribution centers in Charlottesville, Lynchburg, Winchester and Verona.Broken-down beautiful may be an acquired taste, but if it’s your thing, this site is top notch. Before you shake your fist at us for calling something that reminds you of your own mortality beautiful, hear us out.You might be better served exploring it via a Google image search instead of actually driving there, given the "no trespassing" signs designed to protect you from hunters and tetanus (but hey, your call! The Gothic-looking cemetery doubles as a 135-acre garden with paths for exploring overlooking the James River.Close proximity to Hot Springs to the south and Monterrey to the north.

We stay here prior to 1-2 bike races/tours in the area each year, traveling from Ohio.

This interfaith shrine-meets-ashram with altars representing at least 10 religions was built in 1986 as a part of Yogiraj Sri Swami Satchidananda’s yogaville.

Unfortunately, Satchidananda is best known for the protests against him at Woodstock for serious allegations, but the $2 million, hippy dippy lotus dome he conceived of is a real looker.

This place is so eerily beautiful it inspires poetry. Irish poet Thomas Moore wrote one about the Lady of the Lake -- a legend about a Native American ghost who paddles around in her white canoe after dying just short of her wedding day.

The wildlife area home to the lake spans Virginia and North Carolina is a whopping 111,200 acres.

The breakfast delivered to your room is a big plus, the restaurant and tavern are fantastic and there are several good off site restaurants to try too, along with the resort to the south and Sam Sneads Tavern.