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They had been talking in the cold for a few minutes outside Smith's home Dec. "No, no — my smokes," replies Smith, who had been chuckling moments earlier.Smith then draws a revolver so fast that the gun is almost a blur. Stewart is shot five times before Smith fatally shoots himself.

The current total number of sex offenders on the registry is 5,558, which is up more than one hundred from last October.Snyder says this is a good reminder to talk to your children about who they accept as a friend on their social media accounts. Just because you have 2,000 friends on Facebook it does not mean you know all those people," Snyder said."If you haven't met them it's not a good idea to communicate with them."PCSO believes there are more victims in Arizona and other states that had contact with Hudson.What is text slang Text slang, or text speak, is a shorthand children use when communicating digitally in order to have conversations of a mature nature without their parents, teachers or other adults being privy.The concerning part about text slang is that if children are talking about certain things, there's a strong likelihood they're actually doing (or considering doing) the things they're talking about, be that sex, drugs or otherwise putting themselves or others at risk.To help parents understand what their kids are talking about,, an easy-to-use, machine learning monitoring tool that parents can use to help protect their children online from the risks of cyberbullying, sexting, drug use and even depression and suicidal ideation, has put together a handy list of text slang for parents to be aware of when they spot an unusual conversation on their child's phone.

PHOENIX - ABC15 has created an interactive map of sex offenders who live in the Valley, using data obtained from the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

Hudson is facing federal charges of attempted online enticement of a minor, transmitting obscene material to a minor, and two counts each of distribution of child pornography and attempting to transmit obscene material to a minor.

More charges are expected in the near future."Best things parents can do is be aware what social media their children are active on and make sure they're going in and looking at the profiles, see who they're communicating with," said Detective Randall Snyder with PCSO.

The graphic video altered the usual conversation about body cameras and police accountability by capturing — up close — a polite conversation that instantly turned into a deadly encounter in which the officer had little chance to react.

The Flagstaff Police Department released body camera footage this week in response to several media public records requests.

The video footage is raw, showing Flagstaff, Ariz., police Officer Tyler Stewart chatting with a man accused of breaking a couple things in his girlfriend's apartment a day earlier.