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Sex video in kenya

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“Your videos are online, why take videos when having sex? Her sex videos had just been shared on the platform. I had never taken a video of myself having sex, so I guessed it must have been someone who looks like me in the videos,” Moraa told .

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“I immediately knew it was me, because where the video was taken looked very familiar.Being public property, a lot of their actions are scrutinised beneath a magnifying glass.READ ALSO: 7 shocking secrets about Vera Sidika, did you know this about her child?In an article titled ‘Ban On Sexy Music Video Raises Gay Rights Campaign Profile in Kenya,’ Anthony Langat describes some scenes in the video: (The video)…shows a well-toned young man, naked apart from his underpants, leaning over his tattooed male lover in bed.Two pretty young women exchange kisses on a park bench, one putting a ring on the other's wedding finger, as the vocalist sings: “I can't change, even if I tried, even if I wanted to.” The Kenya Film Classification Board has banned the video arguing that “it does not adhere to the morals of the country.” The board unsuccessfully petitioned Google to take the video down.The video displays a warning which reads: This video contains imagery and a message that may be unnecessarily offensive to some.

Part of the lyrics say: The song also uses a verse on love from the Bible (1st Corinthians chapter 13) which emphasizes the value of love over other good human actions.

on social media, became a victim of mafisichannel, an online group of members whose pastime involves posting porn videos of women they have slept with.

The four-month old group, whose logo has a hyena baring its fangs, has over 70,000 who receive an average of 50 nude pictures and up to 10 sex videos of Kenyan women, daily.

Scroll down for a video It is at this point that we wonder how their lives become so complicated that there is a need for their names to be associated with sex scandals.

For some, it might be a stunt to remain relevant, and on the other hand, their victims are out to seek revenge for being slighted.

READ ALSO: 5 prominent Kenyan politicians hit by relationship scandals2. He, however, denied cheating on the wife- claiming that he’s hooked up with his ex before he even got married.