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They had never told their stories before, she said.“We’re dealing with a population that’s untouched by society at large.

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As some Ontario residents continue to protest the new curriculum, parents and educators across Canada are asking some thoughtful questions about rights and responsibilities in preparing children for a world that is increasingly transparent, interconnected and diverse.This report focused specifically on sex trafficking, although it “Language barriers, not knowing their human rights, not knowing where to go for help, not knowing necessarily that what has happened to them is a crime, there are significant barriers for people to come forward and be identified,” said coalition executive director Andrea Burkhart.For the report, called Engaging Community: Addressing Sex Trafficking in Edmonton, the organization interviewed five women who had been trafficked for sex.Saeed’s charter rights were not breached, he concluded.Justice Andromache Karakatsanis said she believed Saeed’s rights were breached, but that the evidence was admissible, nonetheless.“On balance, I conclude that the trial judge was justified in concluding that the admission of the evidence would not bring the administration of justice into disrepute,” she wrote.Saeed was convicted of sexual assault causing bodily harm and unlawful touching for a sexual purpose and the Alberta Court of Appeal upheld the ruling.

The Supreme Court in its judgment, said the evidence was properly admitted, leaving the verdict intact.

As our society continues to navigate such complex issues as online harassment, sexual expression and violence against LGBT youth, parents, educators and government all have a stake in shaping today’s children into the thriving adults of tomorrow. Social media remained in its infancy, as Facebook had not yet expanded its reach outside universities.

Snapchat, the popular messaging app that allows users to send photos and videos that “expire” after ten seconds, was six years away from prototype—and nine years away from a hack that caused the online release of thousands of the app’s “impermanent” photos.

Crown prosecutor Julie Roy told court that Richervezeau met the victims in online chatrooms and insinuated himself into their lives, even sometimes contacting their parents, by purporting to help them with their problems.

During the online conversations, which included Facebook and the use of webcams, Richervezeau would initiate discussions about sex, sometimes encourage playing "dare games" and try to get the victims to get naked and engage in mutual masturbation.

These are people who have been sometimes locked inside homes and so measuring the problem, counting them, is such a challenge,” Burkhart said.