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In rape cases where one party is saying their sexual involvement was consensual and the other party says they were raped, the polygraph is utilized to find out who is lying.In cases of physical abuse of children, it is difficult to get them to tell the truth as they have often times been threatened.

In cases where the accused is innocent because of false allegations being made, often times in divorce cases, the polygraph may be the only way the person has to prove his/her innocence.For example, you may tell someone online your deepest secret because you don’t have to face them in the morning. And for example, some men and women engage in sexual fantasies that otherwise would not occur.Some may engage in cybersex in a chat room or through email.You can trade stocks, get information, trade recipes.You can play Scrabble with someone on the other side of the world. Sometimes, online anonymity encourages people to explore in ways they would not in real-life.Sexual intimacy is designed to serve as the covenant cement that binds one woman to one man in a love relationship for life.

But when our sexual experience is privatized through pornography, we treat sex as a means of selfish gratification rather than a joy to be shared with the man or the woman God has called us to love.

The parties involved are often times family members, relatives, and friends.

The child's mother wants to verify or disprove allegations that have been made.

The Survey of Internet Mental Health Issues is a nationwide mail survey of over 30,000 mental health professionals to assess their encounters with clients having problematic Internet experiences.

Case characteristics were collected on 1,504 youth and adult clients relating to demographic characteristics, conventional problems, Internet use and experiences, and diagnoses.

An initial postcard will be sent to professionals who belong to a variety of different professional organizations to determine whether they have worked with clients with problematic Internet experiences.