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When Kari released in 2008, it took the country by storm and unsurprisingly, got a lot of global attention and has been released in various international languages since.

While Stag and Camlin (now Kokuyo Camlin), two homegrown Indian brands, let us in on the story of their evolution, new enterprises such as Social Cops, founded by Varun Banka and Prakulpa Sankar tell us how they wield digital and Big Data, to induce policy changes in the country.“In the West, they make more distinctions than we do. Here, design and art are just one word –.” These combined concerns have channelized her work at Tara Books, where a distinct style that is both rooted in place and welcoming to diverse cultures has evolved.In the exploration of the form of the book, Tara gives an equal voice to all players, encouraging dialogue and conversations.With the Cricket World Cup frenzy comes a trail of creative work – advertisements, posters, apps, websites, and motion graphics – people go all out using the momentum of the sporting event to promote brands.From Nike to ESPN Cricinfo, Bombay Duck Designs, By Two Design, we profiled a few of the interesting picks. “It’s whatever I feel at that moment”, she candidly admits.

“And how many have kept their books and not given them away? A researcher, a teacher and a graphic designer, Rathna is always challenged to define her occupation when she fills the visa form at the airport in London.

The beard somehow marvelously chronicles the number of years he has spent in creating a massive and impressive body of work spanning genres and variety.

78-year old Surti is a national award winning painter, writer, illustrator, a one man NGO (Drop Dead) and one of the early cartoonists of India, who gave us the first ever “uncommon man”, the highly popular and eternal character .

Needless to say, if the graphic novel genre can be called a movement, then Patil is one of its most avant-garde and chief leaders.

She never expected the kind of response that Kari managed to garner.

It has become a legend now and wherever I go even today, especially in North India, there are die-hard fans of ’s stories emanated from a keen observation of everyday life, says Surti.