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Have you thought about them, when it comes to finding that special someone?Are you looking for that right person who you can settle down with?

As an in-the-trenches matchmaker and the CEO of Perfect Search, Melinda Maximova has become uniquely privy to a wealth of insider information sure to surprise many women, perhaps even upset them with her tough talk, but ultimately to help them find success in relationships. If he has a history that tells you he can’t be trusted, then you know it’s time to cut your losses.He might never grow out of his cheating ways, which will undoubtedly leave you feeling stressed every day.But if your boyfriend is doing the following things and you’ve tried everything in your power to make it work, then it’s time to call it quits.If you’re always wondering what your boyfriend is up to or who he is hanging out with, then it might be time to call it quits.By creating a platform that's warm, romantic, inviting which allows Christian singles to connect with one another, regardless if they're looking for a companion, a simple date, or a soul mate.

Cupid - is a Christian dating site that brings you a place where you can find romance, friends or long-term relationships.

___________________________________________ Melinda Maximova is now the Relationship and Matchmaking Examiner for ____________________________________________ Melinda Maximova -Author of "Power Shift: Shifting Gears to Catch Your Match", and having played Cupid for many successful marriages, has a wealth of information sure to surprise many, perhaps even ruffle some feathers, but ultimately to help people overcome the challenges of dating, relationships and love.

Pre Order Here Melinda Maximova is an exclusive matchmaker with Perfect Search. Right · A single mom · Dating a divorced man · An urban cougar · Already married ... Maximova can help women reclaim their power without giving up their right to operate a power saw or to run a boardroom.

If you can’t trust your boyfriend, you won’t be able to spend time apart without worrying what he’s doing.

Seriously, ladies, you can’t have a relationship if you’re constantly wondering what he’s doing behind your back.

Melinda will personally answer any relationship, sexual or dating question on