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Speed dating in regina

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The hostess tapped her microphone, rupturing our eardrums with feedback. Bachelor number eight.” We wore numbers to keep track of potential matches. Black widow, maybe.” Though I wanted to give tonight a real chance, to find one nice girl in this city, I wouldn’t be anyone’s entertainment. Her totem — a cat made of shadows — coiled scarf-like around her neck. My second sight was useful; totems were usually invisible, even to the girls themselves. She tossed her hair, crossed her arms, though this time to lift her bosom.

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Here are a few tips to help you make the most out of the session: Do your research: Since you’ll know who you’re scheduled to meet with, do a little research on the person and/or destination.You can learn more about it by logging into your account and setting up your profile on the TBEX website; we recommend you start with this overview here.The sessions are one-on-one pre-set appointment that last eight minutes, then allow another two minutes for bloggers to get to their next appointment.Alyson Wilson was born and raised in Regina and comes from a big, blended family.She became a mama to her beautiful baby girl in 2016 and is interested in having a happy, healthy lifestyle.Find out what common ground you might have and get some ideas on how it would be a good fit.

Even if it doesn’t seem like a good fit initially, you might be surprised once you dig a little deeper.

The Olympic hopefuls at this year's games in Rio better watch their backs as they are about to meet their match: the one and only Regina George.

Yep, the queen of the plastics has got herself a ticket to compete at the 2016 games and we're guessing she won't be taking any prisoners when she hits the track for the 400m race.

A mom that I had talked to a few times was sitting in front of me, her first question to me was other than being a mom, what do you do?

My thought was well that’s an easy question, until I had to actually speak. Nothing could come out, I couldn’t think of one thing to respond with that didn’t involve my little one.

It’s not like I don’t get out or do activities but everything involves my daughter. WE are in aquasize, WE are in swimming lessons, WE go to mommy groups, WE get out and have a lot of fun.