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The panel will include attention to the broad implications of the Paris agreement for REDD – including INDCs, accounting, transparency, market-based mechanisms, and finance – from the perspective of government leaders and other stakeholders from REDD countries.Background: Since REDD officially entered climate negotiations under the UNFCCC in 2007, more than 50 countries have initiated national REDD programs.

The panel will focus on past, current, and likely future challenges in initiating and sustaining the transformational changes required to achieve REDD objectives, the roles of different stakeholder groups, and support needed from international partnerships and alliances.In this context, some countries have also entered into bilateral and plurilateral partnership agreements for REDD finance.With REDD endorsed by Article 5 of the climate agreement reached in Paris in December, and many countries including commitments to reduce emissions from land-use change in their Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs), attention is now focussed on national-level implementation.The school is set in an area of outstanding natural beauty on the edge of the South Downs National Park in the village of Street near Petersfield.Consequently the planning process required a design of sensitivity and scale that was appropriate to the special location.That said, I don’t think this data set covers enough time to draw any real conclusions, at least to my satisfaction. If you look at the individual graphs (shortwave down and up adds to around 162 W/m^2 then also sum the longwave which is around -53 W/m^2 and you get around 109 W/m^2 as the net radiant energy reaching the surface which is about what you get when you view the graph of Net radiant energy reaching the surface) The CERES data shows the each meter of surface is receiving a positive radiant energy of around 107 W/m^2 to 109 W/m^2) The reason the surface is not warming with such an influx of energy is because evaporation and thermals balance this positive net radiant energy.

Slipstick Yes I would agree with you that the longwave flux up has slightly increased slightly. The globe may be warming from a change in either of the surface cooling mechanisms (thermals or evaporation).

The Earth shows a slight warming but the Net radiant energy is not showing any increase so you should conclude that the warming is caused by a change in one of the cooling mechanisms and not an increase in radiant energy to the surface.

Look at longwave down and notice if you see an increase.

In April 2015 this system was transported in standard airline luggage to Guinea and used for real-time genomic surveillance of the ongoing epidemic.

We present sequence data and analysis of 142 EBOV samples collected during the period March to October 2015.

Genome sequencing in viral outbreaks is desirable to characterize the infectious agent and determine its evolutionary rate.