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Spiritual new age dating sites

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I’ll admit, I do love health food and juicing and all forms of kale, but I prefer to consume them in a cynical headspace.The New Age is based on concepts that sound almost irresistible.Like Eve, some hear the spiels of modern gurus like Tolle and Willamson and begin to think the faith of their fathers is too rigid, too narrow – that God would never impose an "irrational" boundary between us and "full knowledge of the spiritual realm." Sometimes the lie creeps in subtly as Christians begin to research natural or holistic medicine – alternatives which can be very God-honoring but for years were shunned by Christians, thus becoming New Age territory by default.A.—perhaps it has something to do with all us creative types Airbnbing one apartment for another—and these alternative spiritual practices have become an official trend in New York. I’m about as rational and unspiritual as they come. I refuse to Google what “Mercury in retrograde” means.I went to yoga once, and I had nightmares about it for months afterward.My Facebook feed is full of people talking about all the “self work” they’re doing, and thanking the moon and stars for their fancy brunches.

Somehow, New Age culture has migrated its way across the country from L. I’m just saying that everyone should be aware that the cute lawyer you met on Tinder might have crystals on his bedside table.

I love the coast, countryside, animals, arts and crafts etc.

Put and about driving to see new clients up and down the country. Spiritual Just a genuine 50s woman looking for a kind, funny, attractive companion/partner.

I didn’t mind the stretching part, but the flute music and the weird pose names made me uncomfortable—I just prefer to pedal a stationary bike in a pitch-black room while blasting One Direction.

I’ve never meditated, although I’ve considered starting on many occasions, and have many friends who do.

Spiritual Single, im down to earth and honest, what you see is what you get, lol I'm easy going and laid back, none judgemental looking for the same Xx Xx. Spiritual In Luton for work but covering London areas moving to east within two months so I'm open to meeting up anyone decent as I drive and take it from there... If you don't have a photo on your profile, please do not contact me, ...