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Stale dating medical claim

If the healthcare professional claims more than the Discovery Health Rate, the Scheme will reimburse you and you will be required to pay the full amount to the healthcare provider.

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If your claim is received within four months and rejected due to outstanding information, you then have 60 days to resubmit the claim with the missing information for payment.And apparently you collect on millions of dollars of those debts. Even more pointedly, Sotomayor hammered home her sense that the practice is ethically dubious.Using a variety of formulations, she questioned Shanmugam on the point relentlessly: “Did you have a good-faith basis to believe the statute of limitations was not applicable? Indicate something as one's own, as in I'm staking a claim to the drumstick, or She staked out a claim for herself in the insurance business.This term, dating from the mid-1800s, originally meant "register a claim to land by marking it with stakes." It was being used figuratively by the late 1800s.Most healthcare providers will submit claims directly to the Scheme in which case you do not need to submit the claim.

Claims will be paid directly to the healthcare professional when they bill the Discovery Health Rate.

was a tale of two benches, with two groups of justices taking remarkably different approaches.

As it comes to the justices, the question is whether a debt collector violates the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act by filing a claim in bankruptcy for a debt known to be uncollectible because of a statute of limitations.

The basic limitation periods are based on the cause of action.

For example, a personal injury action falls within the two year limitation period, a claim for conversion or detention of goods has a six year limitation period, and an action on a local judgment for the payment of money has a ten year basic limitation period.

Ultimate limitation periods are the maximum time that a basic limitation period can be extended.