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Symantec endpoint protection client not updating policy

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If a client is not receiving policy changes, the first troubleshooting step is to determine if the client is actually connected to the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager.

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Tour the IT Security trade show to get more knowledge on the latest and greatest products to protect your company's assets.In most cases this will resolve any issues you might have getting policy changes distributed to clients.If after establishing communication between the client and server you are still not getting policy changes distributed then proceed with these other troubleshooting steps.If a client is not receiving an expected policy change it could be that the client is currently operating in a different location from the one being edited.Portions of the policy are general purposes and not location specific.In checking the clients file, I saw these errors: DUH!

I forgot to put this client in the SCCM WSUS GPO that I created (we have a GPO in our domain for standard WSUS and SCCM WSUS).

Through Symantec's heartbeat communication protocol, the Endpoint Protection Manager learns about user, application, and network behavior from clients.

The Endpoint Protection Manager provides enterprises with an up-to-the-minute view of their security status.

Added the client to the proper GPO, rebooted the PC, ran a Software Updates Scan Cycle and Software Updates Deployment Evaluation Cycle and the errors disappeared, the deployment succeeded and all 3 PC’s showed in the console as Compliant!

Desktop Management in a Citrix environment – Some environments try to use Citrix to improve desktop management.

The policies functionality is the heart of the Symantec software.