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The messaging tool provides an active surveillance feature that lets compliance pros monitor chats by keyword — even going as far as to eliminate certain keywords from discussions.

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Symphony is backed by many of Wall Street’s biggest banks, including Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, and Wells Fargo.Ludwig van Beethoven’s Third Symphony, a triumphant homage to heroism, has been hailed as “the greatest single step made in the history of music.” This tour de force is an exhilarating cap on this monumental 29th season. Pre-Concert Chat: Join NWS Fellows for a free Pre-Concert Chat!These half-hour chats begin one hour prior to the performance in the New World Center's Sun Trust Pavilion and are accessible only to members of the WALLCAST® Concert Club and concert ticket holders.A laptop rests on an upturned box, waiting to receive a signal.With a working laser, this system is known as lidar – like radar, Brydegaard tells me, but using a laser instead of radio waves.I sat down with Symphony's CEO David Gurle during the London leg of the launch to find out: is Symphony really the Bloomberg killer? "Symphony is the app that the Street [Wall Street] wants to get better productivity across everybody on the Street," Gurle says.

"Bloomberg only serves a very small percentage of financial services. That's not productive enough." At its most basic, Symphony lets bankers and traders talk to each other securely and privately, but ultimately the idea is to become the go-to social network for finance.

Goldman hatched plans to create the project in the wake of the Bloomberg snooping scandal of 2013, according to the FT, when it emerged that Bloomberg reporters were monitoring the terminals of users in investment banks.

Many in the press, myself included, see the project as a way for banks to wean themselves off Bloomberg and even compete against it.

De Cambre reported Goldman’s gripe with Bloomberg centered on reporting staff tracking bank employees’ use of their terminals.

Encryption keys are only known by the clients and not by Symphony and deletion policies are established by the users.

Gurle is cautious when I ask about Slack, saying: "Slack addresses the internal communication scenarios for business communications, whereas we address any communication requirements, both inside and outside.