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Alicia Mariscal Yapur, in order to share part of the legacy of the master of plastic art, through the permanent exposition of his work.Monday to Saturday 10 a 6 pm Built in 1936 the railway station opened its doors to visitors with an exhibition of pieces of the rail industry.

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As a part of the agreement, Tampico's president and vice president would serve as director and alternate director on Coka Femsa's board of directors, on a rotating basis.The number of shares issued could change, pending due diligence.Coke Femsa was sitting on about MXN13.5 billion in cash as of end-March, prompting investors and analysts to question whether it would soon make an investment. Combined, Tampico's beverage division and Coke Femsa's Mexican operations have sales volume representing approximately 45% of the Coca-Cola Company's (KO) volume in Mexico, Coke Femsa said Tuesday.In order to get to know the key points in our zone theres nothing like riding the Trolley replica of the beginning of the century which tours the streets of Tampico in a route full of interesting sights and places to photograph. Opening hours are from to h Tuesday-Sunday $55.00 MX adult The Historic Customs Building of Tampico, houses on the ground floor the Museum of Tampicos Victory in 1829, protecting one of the original canons used in the battles that consolidated our independence from Spain, as well as objects such as the Cruz of Tampico (award given to the heroes of historic battle),paintings, original documents, and memorial flags.Telephone number: 833 3052686 Monday-Saturday a hrs Holydays and vacation: a h Las Flores Pyramid or Cu built between the years 10 AC by the huastecos in an area that surrounds the Chairel Lagoon, is a small hill of 20 feet high and 118 feet of base. Address: Edificio Histórico de la Aduana Tampico, Tamps. Entrance fee: $10.00 general The Jorge Yapur Museum Hall was inaugurated on April 18th, 2015 and its located inside the Casa de la Cultura de Tampico.Please contact Mark Tolonen or Mary Gallagher at Benton County Museum with any concerns or inaccuracies. Many of the resources included on this map are private property and are not open to the public; others are accessible by appointment only c. A community group purchased the building for $1.00 in 1957 and began using it for their activities.

1915 Located in the Coast Range, about 2 miles northwest of Hoskins, the Aldergrove (or Moody) schoolhouse is an example of a vernacular, one-room schoolhouse commonly built in rural locations in Benton County in the early 20th century. Pre-1886 - 1948 Alexander school was located about 1 mile off Kings Valley Highway on Alexander Road 4.5 miles north of Wren.

But for those who still feel out of bounds when it comes to dating, fearing that their love for "Star Trek," anime, comics or cosplay may bring rejection, there’s Soul Geek. (Getty Images)Facing certain stigmas while dating can add an extra challenge to an already nerve-wracking situation.

Along with member profiles, the website features a slew of testimonials -- many about marriages or engagements -- and information about upcoming Soul Geek conventions, where users can meet face-to-face. Speaking openly and honestly about life experiences and current states of being may be tough for some singles, particularly those living with STIs.

The building date is unknown, but Clay and Minnie Tatom attended in 1886, for their report cards still exist. It was closed in 1948 and students were sent to Wren and Kings Valley.

The building stood abandoned for a while, then was torn down. 1849 - 1953 The predecessor of Alpine school, Ebenezer school, was a log building constructed in 1849.

It can be accessed by the Hidalgo Avenue, going up by the Azahar street until the Chairel Avenue. Fourteen paintings and 23 sculptures of the most representative collection of the recognized Jorge Yapur, creator of the Huastequismo are displayed.