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Tantra tantric personals dating

Liefde’s chemie vraagt naar ons idee om een andere aanpak.De liefde, de chemie die ons overvalt, komt altijd uit onverwachte hoek. Daarom geen lijstje van ideeën, leeftijd, haarkleur of voorwaarden maar het hier en nu.

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Welkom bij deze kleurrijke, verrassende -anders-dan-anders-single-ontmoetingsdagen! Wanneer wij over het internet struinen dan is het dating aanbod gigantisch. Toch vragen wij ons af of je daar vindt wat je werkelijk zoekt.The necessity for balance in the cosmos calls in the feminine as a counter-balance to a very male-dominant society.Herstory, the story of women's history, is a story of fecundity, sexuality, ancient Goddess worship, the honoring of earth-based spirituality, ritual, and more.You are currently on the home page of the Tantric Dating Community.If you feel this kwinky dating community is for you then click the 'get started' arrow to be connected to the Tantric Dating Community and start meeting others like you. It is not just obout sex, but on a higher spiritual level."Throughout history both Gods (men) and Goddesses (women) expressed cultural ideals, but in most Western cultures over the past couple thousand years, male figures have been predominant.

Recently some of these societies have begun to reclaim Goddesses.

Accommodations for our new community members, our sister wives and brother husbands, vary from private bedrooms with shared bath and kitchen to small, private complete apartments on the property.

Members work weekly in community garden and grounds.

The feminine Yin essence in Tantra is Shakti, the counterpart to Shiva, the male or Yang dimension.

Both are vital in the cosmology of the universe, and the two together offer the balance needed for humans to be sane, dynamic, loving, and fruitful.

Kira: I'm looking for a second husband, someone who's kind, loving, self-sufficient, economically stable and glad to contribute to our work at home and in the world.