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Taylor swift emily poe dating

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Paul Potts: Winner of Britain's Got Talent, inspiration of movie One Chance, Songs: "Sweeter Than Fiction" Ronan Thompson: Little boy who died of cancer, Taylor met his mom through her blog, Songs: "Ronan" Scott Brochetta: (@scottborchetta) Taylor's manager at Big Machine Records, Songs: "Change", "Untouchable" Selena Gomez: (@selenagomez) Best friends since 2007, Songs: "22" Scott Swift: Taylor's dad, Songs: "The Best Day", "Sad Beautiful Tragic" Stephen Barker Liles: (@Stephen BLiles), Crush of Taylor's, toured with her, Songs: "Hey Stephen" Taylor Lautner: Ex-boyfriend of Taylor's, dated July 2009 to December 2009, Songs: "Back to December" Taylor Swift: (@taylorswift13) Self, Songs: "The Outside", "Place In This World", "Change","Fifteen", "Never Grow Up","The Lucky One" , "Stay Stay Stay", "Sad Beautiful Tragic", "Shake It Off", "Clean" Will Anderson: (@willyj1234) Taylor's friend.

Emily Poe (now Stumler) was primarily Taylor’s fiddle player during the Taylor Swift and Pre-Fearless era.Abigail Anderson: (@abiander) Taylor's best friend from high school, Songs: Fifteen Adam Young: (@owlcity) Taylor had a crush on him, Songs: "Enchanted" The Agency: Taylor's Band, Songs: "Long Live" Andrea Swift: Taylor Swift's mother, Songs: "The Best Day", "Sad Beautiful Tragic" Ashley Avignone: (@ashavignone) Friend of Taylor's, Songs: "22" Bob Lefsetz: (website) Critic of Taylor's that wrote some very mean things about her, Songs: "Mean" Calvin Harris (Adam Wiles @calvinharris): Ex boyfriend of Taylor's, "This is What You Came For", "Better Man" Camilla Belle: (@Camilla Belle) Ex-girlfriend of Joe Jonas, Joe met Camilla while dating Taylor and broke up with Taylor, Songs: "Better Than Revenge" Claire Winter Kislinger: (@Claire Winter) Friend of Taylor's, Songs: "22" Conor Kennedy: Ex boyfriend of Taylor's, dated from July to October 2012, Songs: "Everything Has Changed" Cory Monteith: (@Cory Monteith) Friend of Taylor's, Songs: "Mine" Cory Robertson: Taylor's 4th grade crush, Songs: "Stay Beautiful" Dianna Agron: (@Dianna Argon) Friend of Taylor's, Songs: "22" Drew: Boyfriend freshman year of high school, Songs: "Our Song", "Tim Mc Graw" Drew Hardwick: Taylor had a crush on him in high school, never dated, Songs: "Teardrops On My Guitar" Eddie Redmayne: Taylor met him in 2011, may or may not have dated, Songs: "Come Back, Be Here" Emily Poe: Former fiddle player in the agency and good friend of Taylor's, Songs: "Breathe" Ethel & Bobby Kennedy: Ethel is a friend of Taylor's, Taylor admires Kennedys, Song: "Starlight" Harry Styles: (@Harry_Styles) Dated Taylor from November 2012 to January 2013, Songs: "Girl At Home", "Shake It Off", "I Wish You Would", "Style", "All You Had to Do Was Stay", "Out of the Woods", "How You Get the Girl", "Clean", Wildest Dreams Jake Gyllenhaal: Ex-boyfriend of Taylor's, dated from October 2010 to December 2010, and January 2011 to February 2011, Songs: "State of Grace","Red", "All Too Well","I Almost Do", "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together", "The Last Time", "Begin Again", "The Moment I Knew" Jack Antonoff: (@ jackantonoff) Cowriter of many of Taylor's recent songs, Dating Lena Dunham, Songs: "You Are In Love".Jake Owen: (@jakeowen) Taylor had a crush on him, she opened at his concert on Halloween in Portland, Songs: "Sparks Fly" Joe Jonas: (@joejonas)" Ex-boyfriend of Taylor's, dated from July 2008 to , Songs: "Forever & Always", "Last Kiss", "Better Than Revenge" John Mayer :(@johnmayer) Ex-boyfriend of Taylor's, dated from late 2009 to early 2010, possibly late January or February, Songs: "Dear John", "Superman", "The Story of Us", "Sparks Fly", "Ours", "I Knew You Were Trouble" Kanye West: (@kanyewest) Rudely interrupted Taylor's acceptance speech at 2009 VMA's, Songs: "Innocent" Katy Perry: (@katyperry) Taylor tried to be friends with her, but she was not nice, Songs: "Bad Blood" Kellie Pickler: (@kelliepickler) One of Taylor's good friends, Songs: "Speak Now" Lena Dunham: (@lenadunham) Friend of Taylor's, dating Jack Antonoff, Songs: "You Are In Love".Taylor's first record label wanted her to wait until she was 18 to begin writing and releasing her own material.She instead signed with upcoming independent label Big Machine Records, as it was being founded, and remains with them today.A few videos leaked in early 2016, and they contained unseen interactions between Karlie and Taylor. Karlie at Andrea’s Birthday Party - January 2014During the secret sessions in 2014, fans reported that there was a picture of Karlie, Taylor, and Andrea with a cake hanging up, and they were all in winter attire.

We believe that because Andrea’s birthday is in early January, this picture was taken at the party.

Although several out women were up for Grammys this year, sadly, they all went home empty-handed.

Still, some of them showed up for music’s biggest night, and likely had a great time celebrating with their peers.

This is my attempt at trying to chronicle the brief yet significant relationship of Taylor Swift and Emily Poe.

I’ve tried to get this as accurate as possible, based on what I could research off the internet.

In 2016, she became the first female artist to win the Album Of The Year Grammy twice.