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Teacher dating student after graduation

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They can' t help but see the ex student as a student and they are ... This prohibition includes students enrolled in schools where the teacher isn't ... So why don't teachers date students immediately after the students ...

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I believe they started dating before she graduated, and got married a few years afterwards.“I think each of us can remember examples of girls they knew dating ... Abuse complaints against former Lansing teacher date to '03 ...advice age change children cnet college collegenet culture dating death eball education family food friends fun future ginger god good happiness health job jobs kids love marriage mljay money parents people politics pulsar raelo relationship relationships religion scholarship school sex sleep society thecrimsonactuary think time tobias travel women work world Good afternoon, CNet! ;) Any way, I logged into Facebook earlier this morning.Any way, I recognized the name of her new boyfriend, but I couldn't pinpoint from where. I know that he will be an amazing boyfriend to her. My friend's new relationship just really got me thinking: would you be able to date one of your high school teachers? I clicked on his name to go to his profile and realized that he was my 11th grade psychology teacher. For me, I just think that it would be a little awkward. This morning, in my newsfeed, I saw that one of the girls that I went to high school with is in a relationship.

I was very happy for her because I remember her dating different guys, but never being committed to just one.

"Our hope is that that will be a pretty strong and painful deterrent and will cause someone to think twice before starting an inappropriate, unethical relationship with a student," said Republican Assemblywoman Kristin Olsen, the bill's sponsor.

Olsen is from Modesto, a city about 75 miles south of Sacramento where teacher James Hooker and student Jordan Powers struck up their relationship at Enochs High School.

Hooker and Powers could not be reached for comment Tuesday.

@kimball - I think it's relevant, as it shows there's a potential less-formal link between the two.

Now, a lawmaker is hoping to change that with a bill rolled out Monday that would make such relationships a felony, even if the student is 18, and strip teachers of their pensions and retiree health care if they are convicted.