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Tegan and sara dating history

  Origin of Tegan Celtic ---------------------------------------------------------------- The name Tegan has the following meaning: A good looking man. This name can be given to both baby boys and girls.

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Through music and lyrics, they try to communicate the incommunicable; many of the songs express a desire to penetrate the barriers that our brains put up.There's something to be said for the experience, and something to be said for the Clintons themselves. We've always picked whoever's the Democratic candidate. We're watching with deep fascination, and anticipation. Like, you have never been broken up with or you haven't had someone die suddenly or you haven't had the shock of parent being diagnosed with a disease or you haven't done these things.SARA: Some of the things we're making, it seemed to me anyways, that Tegan was a bit disappointed with the trajectory after The Con. We didn't see a tremendous amount of growth in terms of our careers, and Tegan has started to sort of see us being held back somehow. She wanted to be on the same level as some of her friends who were in bands that were bigger than us, and she was like, “Why can't we have a bigger goals, and why can't we be more ambitious? And it was very difficult to express it to Sara, and especially to our managers, that I was disappointed. Like I remember the show we had The Talk, it was in London and we were playing in front of thousands of people. Tegan and I have had 17 years of adult experience where we have had to live through amazing highs and incredible lows.English version of the name Tadhg, meaning 'poet' and 'philosopher'.Was used among the Irish as a term for Catholics and for a person skilled in many trades.I was like, ' Well, we can't really go back from this now.

This is a power ballad.'" The duo have spent the last decade earning credibility on the indie circuit – but this time around, they want to sell records.

"We did have to make a conscious effort to make our record sonically more smooth and pleasing," says Tegan.

"We have a huge back catalog of guitar-driven music, and the idea of just making another guitar-driven record seemed boring." Photos: A Stylish Weekend on Tour with Tegan and Sara The result is the most commercial record of their career, and Tegan and Sara hope it'll introduce them to a new audience.

Records, "Boyfriend" serves as the album's lead single and their first non-soundtrack single in nearly three years.

Upon its release, "Boyfriend" was met with generally positive reviews and moderate commercial reception.

The twins co-wrote the track with its producer, Greg Kurstin, who had previously worked with them on the majority of their breakthrough album, Heartthrob (2013).