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Thanks for being accommodating

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The beautiful gardens and pool area were great for strolling around and relaxing in a very tranquil environment. Great to hear that you liked the large sofas in the 'premium executive spa studio' they do give the room a very luxurious feel.

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When we got there I was advised our spot was not booked until the following day - the girl at the front was very accommodating and was able to switch some things around and checked us in.Was greeted with a complimentary glass of wine before being taken to our unit. The pool was a very nice touch, especially as we had very warm weather and it was great to be able to cool off after a long day.The only disadvantage I found was the quality of the Wi Fi..advertise free Wi Fi but it often did not connect or the signal strength was very low.If someone has been very kind in adjusting their schedule and making sacrifices to help you, in English you might say, "Thanks for being so accommodating!" What is the most natural translation of this phrase into Spanish?y confirmo que sigo siendo partidario de votar en favor de todo su informe, a pesar de las graves preocupaciones que suscita en m, si el Grupo PPE-DE apoya dos de mis enmiendas, concretamente las enmiendas 1 y 3, como ya hemos discutido.

wanted to say to you, ladies and gentlemen, and I would like to thank those of you have stayed with us until this hour, on my own behalf, and I hope also on behalf of my good friend the Commissioner Benita Ferrero, whom I would like to thank for being here with us.

The wonderful welcome we got as we arrived at this lovely motel was just what we needed after a very long tiring drive. The large sofas, the kitchen area and the bed were all well appointed and comfortable. The balcony area and the adjoining garden were restful and quiet.

Thanks again for your kind words Warm regards Justine & Carl Had a really nice time here.

My husband and I planed a trip to Cape Cod from Toronto.

We booked at Adventure Bound at the last minute we were looking to hop along the East Coast to our son's school in PEI.

I booked the wrong type of site (there are a few - which are clearly marked on there web site).