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The dating song by icp

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The album was taken off shelves by Hollywood hours after its release, in response to criticism from the Southern Baptist Church of decisions that the church believed did not reflect Disney's family-friendly image, although Disney claimed that the album was released due to an oversight by its review board.

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For the last song, the horror-rappers even invited audience members on stage to join the soda fight. The stage and dance floor were turned into an indoor spray park; people cheered as a sopping wet Canadian flag was held aloft. For the uninitiated, Insane Clown Posse is a hardcore gangsta rap version of KISS plus Alice Cooper plus GWAR. What appeared to be a cowboy scarecrow was thrown about. Something to keep the disturbing ICP reputation going? Sharon: contestant number 1, I belive first impressions last forever so let say you were to come over to my parents house and have dinner with me and my family how would you make that first impression really stick? Voice of host: lets meet contestant number one he's a skitzophranic serial killer clown who says women love his s*** smile lets see if his charm will work on sharon sharon, what's your question?But I doubt it I'd probably just show up naked like I always do and look your mama in the eye and tell her fuck You!Hurry bitch I'm hungry I smell spaghetti, I pinch her loopy ass and tell her get the food ready your dad would probably start trippin, and get me pissed, I'd have to walk up and bust him in the fuckin lips it's dinnertime!The Insane Clown Posse has been sued by their former publicist/attorney who claims her office was a hot bed of sexual abuse -- which included dildos, vaginal devices and firearms.

The person behind the suit is Andrea Pellegrini -- who claims she got the ax after reporting the alleged abuse to the honchos at ICP's record label, Psychopathic Records.

Sharon: I like a man whos not afraid to show his true emotion a man who expresses himself in his own special way number 2, if you were to fall in love with me, how would you show me that you care?

Shaggy: First thing, I could never love you, you sound like a witchy bitch yo fuck you!

So, Jack White works with a lot of people on a lot of random projects, right?

Well, this makes everything else sound like just another nine-to-five day at the fucking office. Jack White is working for everyone's favorite face-painted, Faygo-spraying hip-hop outfit, Insane Clown Posse.

Andrea is now suing for wrongful termination and wants compensation for suffering a slew of injuries ...