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Tired of dating games

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For years, everyone has been playing them the exact same way. They are taken down when both players are in the mood and cleaned up when it's all over. Although they say these games are for all ages, they most definitely stop at a certain age as we take up another type of game… Because, unlike our favorite board games, there are no instructions, no re-dos and definitely no round twos. These games are different for every player and while there is definitely a clear winner and a clear loser, most of the time, you have absolutely no idea if you're ahead or behind.

However, if mind games are being played, or both parties happen to have a stubborn streak, the lack of texts on the day after the first date might not indicate the success of the date at all. You start googling things like “after first date texting rules” and “should a girl text a guy first.” You read a Reddit thread like this one and realize maybe you were in the wrong because you never texted to make sure he got home safe and now you just look like a bitch. This makes it even more difficult to decipher if he’s just really busy or just not that into you. Was it because you mentioned you like British comedy? After 72 hours of spiteful, frustrated venting about this jerk that you barely even enjoyed hanging out with, you light up at the first sight of his text and all hope is renewed. But quitting the game, like in the board games of our adolescence, means losing.Showing your hand means giving up, folding and dooming yourself to the inevitable loss that comes with being too obvious.The whole concept of ‘fighting’ in this sense is false in that it has absolutely nothing to do with getting a woman, and everything to do with being foolish.If she isn’t responsive in a reasonable amount of time, take your balls and go home.And if you know you're the type that needs more than a book, please click here to learn more about my personal training program.

Even if we're not athletes or die-hard sports fans, most of us understand the dynamics that shape teams, games, and championships.

Relationships are a lot like sports, yet we tend to be confused, overwhelmed, and defeated by the process of finding our soul mate. Ballentine, shares his insight as a sports fan, priest, and hope FULL romantic to remove the mystery from building successful relationship. Ballentine speaks from personal experience; he used the concept of “Championship Love” to finally meet the love of his life to whom he is now married, after he endured some "losing seasons." Game Changer reveals what most people are doing wrong in relationships, how to redefine the game of love as we know it, and how to build a lasting marriage that honors God.

Playing for a Championship Love compares basic concepts from the sports world to relationships, making them easy to understand. The world that we live in can be such a tough place for relationships.

Statistics of divorce, affairs as well the cultural norms can make commitment such a scary word.

I'm thankful that my friend Jabriel is doing the hard work of sharing the simple truths, that we as a society often forget.

You know the ol’ “wait 3 days after the date to text” rule, right? Unfortunately, the reality is we lose control when we play by these rules because we end up sitting around wondering what the hell is going on?! And then comes the mind fuck: This is FREAKING EXHAUSTING! How much control can you possibly feel you have when you’re playing Russian Roulette with your trigger-happy, cynical, frustrated, negative mind games?? The truth is, it’s When we’re into a guy and he texts “Good Morning,” we swoon, we get butterflies, we tell our girlfriends in a squeally (a.k.a. But when a dude we’re NOT interested in texts “Good Morning,” we bitch, ignore it, feel imposed upon, and peer out our window looking for his stalker ass. If you texted every day prior, this sets a foundation; a test point if you will. Unfortunately, my generation and younger ones don’t seem to have as many of these gentleman available. up to the day of my lonely, cat-lady, old-age death.