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Top 10 most intimidating songs

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Spotify users hoping music could set the mood created nearly 2.5 million "sex" playlists over Valentine's Day weekend.

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The cool thing about this Barbie is she showed little girls and women that the transition from job to “partay” time is easy.I realize his song may inspire fear from a simple Pavlovian standpoint, but come on. Surrounded by the Pride pyrotechnics and screaming Japanese legions, Fedor was the calm in the middle of the storm and the storm itself. "Sandstorm" is like the least intimidating entrance song ever, at least outside the humor category. It’s that time of the year: Creepy crawly spiders are adorning front porches, makeshift graveyards inhabit front lawns, and jack-o-lanterns light up the night sky.What better time than Halloween to recall a few of our favorite goosebump-inducing country songs? UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is known for coming out to 50 Cent's "God Gave Me Style." Bantamweight contender Urijah Faber has always wowed the Pacific crowd with 2Pac and Dr.

Dre's "California Love."These are both memorable songs, but for fans and fighters, there are some songs that bring about an eerie feeling of greatness.

Nobody seems to have more fun with social media than Noah Syndergaard, with a creative sense of humor that makes him far more entertaining than most athletes.

Just a couple of days ago he had a clever response to Yankee prospect Clint Frazier saying that if he weren’t in the Yankee organization, which puts limits on hair length, he’d out-do Syndergaard’s rather famous flowing locks. Mets fans no doubt will love him all the more for taking on the Nationals’ brash superstar, as well as the player who broke Ruben Tejada’s leg with a dirty slide in the 2015 postseason.

Bratz may come and go, but Barbie’s been around nearly 50 years and she can handle anything. Teeny-tiny waist, a great swimsuit, and those eyes. Look out world, because I’m a skinny, bad-ass model and you can’t tell me nuthin’!

So here is the list of the Barbies that have been the most fun to play with Let’s be real – you can’t even TALK about Barbie without discussing the O. Why she’s fun to play with: Quite simply, as a little girl, you can play with this doll and imagine the day that your mom and dad won’t go bezerk at the idea of you wearing read nail polish.

Turn up the music, turn off the lights, and prepare to be sufficiently spooked.