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Total russian romance dating ru

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Any woman who changes her name to Deidre Dare is likely to be a self-publicist, especially if she writes Sex and the City-type novels, and announces at public meetings that she has taken 15 grams of valium that day.

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Our invitation only Russian Socials, Latin Socials, China Socials and Philippine Socials boast the largest Foreign women-to-men ratios in the industry, and are regarded by Foreign women as the best and most tastefully done.Nonetheless, the large number of Russian women in the audience seemed to agree with most of what she said about their menfolk.The first indication that Deidre’s expectations with the painter were going to be upset came on the morning after the party when he announced he was in love, despite the fact that he was ten years younger than her, had never known her sober and was himself already married. “He stormed out of the flat, in a fury, slamming doors, and I never expected to see him again. He would do crazy things like send flowers and the note on the flowers would say, ‘I am down stairs, let’s go and karaoke.’ I ignored everything.” Then the painter did the Russian version of climbing up the drainpipe.It was “incredibly romantic” to be taken out to his dacha in the middle of the night with “Mc Donald’s and champagne in the car”.The first quality which Deidre inferred from all this was that Russian men are very romantic, much more so than any she had previously experienced, especially in America. I am one of those women who know what and who they want from life.

more about Irina from Kiev All people dream of love and, of course, I am no exception.

“I was hung over, I had things to do, and I said that is not going to happen, but I had a nice night, great to meet you. One evening he shinned up the scaffolding outside Deidre’s flat with “a hamburger and a bottle of Moët.” That decided the matter. It became a real relationship, she said, which was the end of her hopes of polyandrous dating in Moscow.

He was did everything from sending her flowers to carrying her across “any scary street things that were going on” (presumably a lawyer’s term for holes in the road).

Then she was unceremoniously sacked when it was discovered that she had published a novel on the internet combining oil and sex in an allegedly inappropriate way. She has been married to two Americans and a Frenchman, and currently has an “attachment” in Singapore and a “muse” in Australia. Deidre’s talk centred round the story of her affair with one particular Russian man, a painter whom she met at a party and got wildly drunk with on Russian champagne.

Now she has to sing for her supper, and she came to one of Stephen Lapeyrouse’s English Language Evenings in Moscow, on 27 November, to publicise her views on Russian men, who are the focus of much of her writing. She envisaged a one-night stand but instead got a lesson on the passions and fears of a man who, on two years’ experience in Moscow (and without speaking any Russian), she concluded was typical of all Russian men.

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