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Traditions that need updating

There are few things we love more than contemporary art juxtaposed with the thoughtful architectural detail of a traditional home.Seek out artwork with colors that complement your existing furnishings, and you’ve got a foolproof combination.

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“The rest of the house is transitional,” I say, using the industry buzzword for a style that bridges traditional and contemporary. ” (I make the sound of screeching breaks.) “It doesn’t flow.” As we speak, she clicks through my pictures. We’ve been updating the other rooms, but the dining room hasn’t changed since the day we moved in.A rich canary yellow will feel decidedly modern, while a bright yet soft mint green can create a youthful yet still traditional look. Be it a Lucite coffee table, a glass bar cart, or an acrylic chandelier, a bit of transparency always lightens up the heaviness of dark woods and upholstered furniture you often see in traditional homes.Luckily, you don’t have to worry about matching as clear items blend right in! Fussy and intricate patterns can quickly take on a granny vibe, so if you want to modernize your space, sticking with solids is a safe way to do so.“One contemporary piece in a traditional room looks like a misstep.Three to five, and the style shift feels intentional.” Here’s how Fishburne and I rejuvenated my room — without changing the furniture: New wall color.I’m on the phone with Sarah Fishburne, director of trend and design for the Home Depot, one of the best jobs ever.

She gets paid to travel the world and go furniture shopping. As we chat, I email her half a dozen photos of my home.

The in-place upgrade process is designed to be extremely reliable, with the ability to automatically roll back to the previous operating system if any issues are encountered during the deployment process, without any IT staff involvement.

Rolling back manually can also be done by leveraging the automatically-created recovery information (stored in the folder), in case any issues are encountered after the upgrade is finished.

Choose a light color to brighten up a dark room or opt for a fashion-forward finish like stripes or diamonds, which you can achieve with painter's tape.

Rely on a stencil for more intricate patterns like trellis, damask or Greek key.

Although consumer PCs will be upgraded using Windows Update, organizations want more control over the process.