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Transas updating help

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And, yes indeed, the Axiom 7 plotter-only model is just $650 retail with Lighthouse U. charts, and included Navionics US and Canada charts add just $50 more.

Each quarter when new charts are added to our World Folio discs, they will automatically be licensed to the customers regions and folios.Using i Sailor you can be sure to benefit from the leading-edge maritime technology coming from one of the industry leaders.Transas Admiralty Data Service (TADS) makes paperless navigation a reality, bringing official chart data and other information directly to your ECDIS to meet SOLAS carriage requirements.It gives the navigator a complete picture of the instantaneous situation of the vessel and all charted dangers to navigation.To use the ECDIS effectively it is also important for the navigating officer to know how to order the charts for the intended voyage and about means and methods available to keep them updated .And while the slim Axioms are designed to surface mount with back fastenings -- an Axiom 9 can purportedly fit where an old Ray A7 like the one on Gizmo used to live -- there will also be a rear mount kit for flush installs and a front mount kit for those who can't fasten things from behind a helm panel (and the in-the-box trunnion mount choice of course).

The Axioms include Wi Fi, Bluetooth, NMEA 2000 and Ethernet communications, and they're compatible with most all of Raymarine's current displays, radars, sonars, etc.

Transas helps you to prepare for the move towards paperless navigation.

Office processes are just as important as those onboard.

The method of procurement of electronic charts is different when compared to paper charts.

Unlike paper charts which are only purchased once, until a new edition is published or a chart is cancelled, electronic charts are purchased through a license system called “permits”.

Transas provides very flexible maintenance service for the main charts collection in TX-97 format depending on the customer needs.