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In an interview yesterday the woman said that when her child arrived at home in tears and trembling.

A QUICK-THINKING mother is today being hailed a hero as her action in luring a suspected child molester, via a sting operation at her Chaguanas home on Thursday night, led to him being nabbed, soundly beaten and handed over to the police.More importantly, it also prevented the womans 11-yearold daughter from possibly being abducted, sexually assaulted and even murdered.A series of Whatsapp messages, sent to Newsday last evening by the hero mom, detailed a conversation the suspected child molester thought he was sending to the schoolgirl whom he was hired to drop off to school and later picked up and taken home, after the regular driver could not make it on Thursday morning on account of his car not working.But Marci Bowers, a gynecological surgeon in Seattle, decided to train with Biber shortly before he retired. But then Bowers moved to Trinidad, and, like so many others who come to this town seeking metamorphosis, she found it. These days, she whips around town in her silver Porsche Boxster, shuttling between surgeries and routine gynecological exams, between socializing with her Trinidad- native partner and heading north to the airport for one more stop in the parade of public appearances that now thread through her life.And that’s when sex-change in Trinidad moved from a cottage industry into the big time. Four years after leaving her wife and kids and run-of-the-mill doctor gig in Seattle, she is one of the more visible impresarios of the transgender movement. I can't wait until I'm old so I'll only need five hours sleep!

It is especially sorrowful to realize that when he died of cancer last week in Paris, Francois Truffaut was only 52, almost the age that for Luis Bunuel marked the beginning of his greatest productivity.

They're a lot more common than you realize...So many things on my mind and it's very hard to keep them all in order.

We've all met someone who's an embarrassment to the college from which they graduated.

Like Antoine Doinel, Truffaut could not comprehend boredom, at least boredom in adults who weren't either physically or mentally impaired.

I can cut the pages of a book, or do a crossword puzzle, or make notes. '' With that, Antoine disappears into the bathroom carrying a flashlight, a book, a knife to cut the pages of the book, his cigarettes and a newspaper.

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