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Trust issues in dating

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She got this werid look on her face and the next day she dumped my and told me that she was thinking about for a few months. so take care and happy fishing Sorry for you pain, Dark Hawk.After that I foundout the she was seeing another guy on the side. I think all of us have been hurt or deceived or played at one time or another.

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We try again and again, and our hearts become more closed off with each bad experience.If someone has trust issues, it's better if they're at least trying to work on them.And they're able to recognize that *I* am not the person who betrayed their trust. I have met men with trust issues and what started out as minimal issues turned into they were so flipped out about things they could not handle a relationship. A guy can have all the trust issues he wants, but it's his responsibility to work on them, not mine.We all get burned at one point or another and we all have been through some bad times ~ we also cannot blame or always think the new person is like the last. You can feel anything you want, there is no right or wrong to it. We start out so young and innocent, ready to jump in with both feet and believe in the fairytale.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

You may keep things private and fear that the person will either hurt or leave you at a moment's notice.

With this type of insecurity, it is difficult to be comfortable or feel truly happy.

Just wondering what women think about guys that have some trust issues...

Was in a very long relationship, ended in lies and cheating(on her part). Another very long relationship, all of a sudden one day, everything was different, literally ONE DAY, and again, she changed. So, of course there are going to be SOME trust issues, maybe a little bit of reservations on opening up, right?

You may even wonder why you haven't found "the one." You might believe you haven't found the right person, but the problems in your relationships could actually lie with you. Is it almost as if you just can't allow yourself to completely let go?