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Updating a light fixture in a bathroom

10 Budget-Friendly Bathroom Updates by Kristi Linauer Bathrooms are one of the most costly rooms to remodel–generally second only to kitchens.These costs are often incurred in labor charges on items that go beyond the typical do-it-yourselfer’s skills.

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or to suggest to them that the bathroom at the local service station may provide a more attractive and sanitary alternative.... Let me remind you (again, without going into detail that would potentially cause nausea and/or vomiting) that this house had been vacant and a rental over the last two years. Well, as long as no one spends the night and needs to shower....This quick DIY weekend project is the perfect way to refresh your bathroom without investing a lot of time and energy.Image courtesy of Toll Brothers featuring Inspire bath & vanity.working on them, photographing them, editing those photos and then writing a post about the project, are two very different things, as you can imagine.I truly am working towards finding a method to the madness when it comes to blogging; creating a posting schedule, coming up with new topics (any input would be welcomed & very helpful!Sometimes, paint is a magical thing....other times, it's a necessity!

Today, I'm going to show you how I made over the 1970's oak and brass fixtures in my bathroom using some leftover chalk paint, a half can of matte black spray paint and little imagination.

Awhile back, I started to slowly tweak a few things in our upstairs guest / boy’s bathroom.

I replaced the mirror (twice), found some new art, added a few décor items, painted the vanity (more on that this week) and gave the vanity light fixture a quick & inexpensive makeover.

I remember joking about this bathroom with my Realtor when I saw it for the first time. The photo above is the real estate picture of the main bathroom at the French Farm house..all of it's navy blue wall paper'ed glory....complete with not one but two dusty, plastic, hanging plants.

I even posted the photo on the Serendipity Refined Facebook Fan Page...remember....don't you? Go ahead, admit're Thank heavens for the black primer spray paint that was left over from my sons' days of building models and the can of flat black spray paint that I found in the back of the paint shelf when I was packing the basement!

Give them a fresh coat of paint, and they’ll look new!